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Concord College is a highly academic independent international school in England for day and boarding students. We welcome students from all over the world and the local area into our vibrant and varied community.


We are independent co-educational international day/boarding school in Shropshire, England. We admits students aged between 12 and 19; the majority of whom come from overseas to prepare them achieve the highest standards and to gain entry to top universities in the UK.

Concord is annually ranked highly in UK school league tables. But it is perhaps even more impressive that ‘The Good Schools Guide’ has described our wonderful school as ‘near perfect’, ‘in a league of its own’ and ‘where the next generation of global high flyers is being nurtured’.

In Concord, we believe that education is more than just grades. But, the real art of education is to develop the confidence and self-worth of the young person holding the ‘passport’ that grades provide. Moral values and the soft skills of empathy, communication, team-working and time management are just as important to develop the confidence that is so central to any young person’s future.

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OXBRIDGE Support Program

Concord offers specific guidance on how to prepare and a series of mock admissions test opportunities through the year. The admissions test including BMAT / LNAT / MAT . TSA required for undergraduate admissions at University of Cambridge / Oxford. Concord is also a pre-test centre for the TSA exam, giving students more chances to try out questions for this particular test.

For some majors that required portfolio, Concord puts considerable support in place to support students through the process of portfolio preparation to ensure they select the most appropriate examples of their work.

As all offers from Oxford / Cambridge are made after the student has attended for interview, Concord offer the online mentoring programme through 'Concord Online', involving top Concord Alumni to equip the students with critical communication skills, being intelligent & having intellectual accuracy to pass the interview. Another supports including interviews workshops & mock interview practice to ensure the students are ready to face the challenge of interviews.


Medicine Support Program

Concord arranges considerable support for students applying to medical school. Concord’s specialist Medicine Support Programme includes weekly meetings to cover all aspects of the application process, monthly evening talks by practising doctors and a one-day conference attended by a significant number of UK medical schools and health care-professionals. In addition to this, four focused training days are provided on interview technique and the UKCAT and BMAT admissions tests. A dedicated team of five staff with expertise in medical admissions provide 1:1 support to students throughout the application process. This includes assisting students applying outside the UK.

Concord also has a very active student-led ‘Medical Society’, with numerous highly-contested leadership positions. The Society leads weekly events including discussion forums, TEDMED student lectures on current medical issues and a MEDLIT group to review literature. A mentoring coordinator ensures that all prospective medics have a friendly older mentor to guide them. Students have produced their own Medicine Virtual-Learning Environment to support prospective medics and a termly magazine called ‘Pillars’. The Society also enjoys an annual 3-day medical residential trip to London and a two-week medical work experience expedition overseas (to Kenya in 2019).


Sport, Societies & Outdoor Education

Sport is an important part of life at Concord. Physical fitness is crucial to well-being and we provide excellent facilities and encourage participation at all levels of ability. Many join in just for fun, but we also run a number of successful college teams.

Our sports hall offer opportunities for badminton, basketball, netball, table-tennis, uni-hoc, and football. In addition, there are squash court, fitness and weight training gyms and facilities for martial arts, fencing, and rock climbing. Outdoor sports include football, volleyball, tennis, and horse-riding. The campus also boasts a running track and heated indoor swimming pools.

Students have the chance to be involved in canoeing, climbing & cycling as well as other interesting challenges. During these activities, safety is taken very seriously.

Students also have access to a vast array of other clubs and societies to develop interests & explore their potential.


"Concord students regularly gain admission to the top universities in the UK. The College has a particularly strong record of placing students into Engineering, Economics and Maths courses as well as into the UK medical schools. Medicine is a particularly competitive course: In 2019, 35 students gained places at medical, dental or veterinary schools.


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